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When you have missing teeth, Implants can be used to replace those teeth. These are titanium screws that act as the natural teeth and help to restore function and esthetics.

Tooth Extraction

If your teeth are decayed badly and cannot be restored or there is a wisdom tooth that is causing pain, don’t worry – We offer trauma free pain free tooth removal.


Dentures can be complete dentures or partial dentures or cast partial dentures. So if you have missing teeth or a missing tooth dentures can be made to replace those teeth.

Tooth Color Fillings

These are also called “Composite” fillings. When your teeth get decayed, it is important to remove all the decay and fill the teeth with some tooth colored filling material. If not restored, the decay can go deep inside and you may need a root canal treatment.

Dental Crowns

Crowns also known as “caps” are used to cover damaged surfaces of teeth and Bridges are used to fill the spaces created by missing teeth, These are custom made and we provide all kinds of Crowns and Bridges: from Metal, Porcelain fused to metal (PFM) and even metal free crowns.

Pediatric Dentistry

Kids are prone to decay and a routine dental examination is a must to maintain healthy dentition. Milk teeth should also be maintained as they are the foundation to the permanent set of teeth. Some teeth alignment corrections can be done faster and better if diagnosed at a young age.


If your teeth appear yellow and discolored, teeth bleaching or whitening will help you to achieve visible white teeth instantly.

Laser Dentistry

Diode LASERS can be used for various procedures like teeth whitening, gum treatment and healing of oral ulcers. Ask your doctor more about DENTAL LASERS.


If you have bleeding and sore gums or stains on your teeth, then a teeth cleaning session will help to remove all the tartar. If not removed early, the tartar can cause gum disease (pyorrhea).

Smile Makeover

If you are not happy with the shape, size and alignment of your teeth, you can book a Smile Makeover Consultation.

Perfect smile on your D day

Bridal or Wedding Makeover for perfect smile at your D-Day

Root Canal

When tooth decay reaches the innermost dental pulp, it may cause pain and requires a root canal treatment.

Braces/ Aligners

Braces are used to align teeth. There may be spacing between the teeth or severe crowding. Braces can be used to correct the alignment of your teeth. We provide you metal and Ceramic Braces. Braces are not only for children but even adults. We also provide clear aligners to correct the alignment where there are no braces only transparent trays that help to move your teeth in place.


Gum Disease

Gums are the foundation of the entire dentition, and taking good care of your gums is essential. If you suffer from bleeding gums, bad breath, loose teeth, spaces between teeth, you may be suffering from some kind of gum disease and may require treatment in the form of teeth cleaning, LASER therapy or deep teeth cleaning.

Need a dental consultant

We will conduct a complete dental examination and create an individualized treatment plan for you.

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